On Thursday, April 11, 2024, ClickOrlando.com reported that Polk County Judge John Flynn could face a suspension and public reprimand over statements he made during his 2022 election campaign.

According to a revised recommendation filed with the Florida Supreme Court by the state Judicial Qualifications Commission, Judge Flynn showed “an inappropriate bias in favor of law enforcement agencies or against people accused of crimes” through some of his campaign statements. The commission found clear evidence that Flynn’s campaign repeatedly used words and phrases signaling his support for law enforcement in a way that could undermine his impartiality.

As a result, the Judicial Qualifications Commission proposed that Flynn be suspended for 25 days without pay and receive a public reprimand. This revised penalty was reached through an agreement between Flynn and the investigative panel after the Supreme Court ordered the commission to reconsider the previous sanctions against the judge last month.

The commission had initially recommended a 30-day suspension and reprimand last year related to accusations that Flynn improperly took part in political party activities during his campaign. However, the Supreme Court questioned those allegations and rejected the original settlement. The new proposal no longer included the political party conduct issues.

The Florida Supreme Court will have the final say on whether to impose the suggested 25-day suspension and public reprimand on Judge Flynn. As the state’s highest court, it holds ultimate authority for disciplining judges found to have violated ethical standards through their words or actions.



Source: ClickOrlando.com