On Thursday, April 25, 2024, WXXI News reported that former Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren testified in a Supreme Court hearing regarding petitions that were filed placing her on the ballot for two different races in an upcoming election.

Warren is seeking election as City Court judge, but petitions were also filed nominating her to the Monroe County Democratic Committee without her knowledge. She argued that she was unaware of the dueling petitions until after the deadline to decline had passed.

Warren’s opponent in the judicial race, Michael Geraci, filed a petition to have Warren removed from both ballot positions. Typically, a candidate running for a judge who is also simultaneously running for political office is stripped from both positions.

The case was heard by State Supreme Court Justice Daniel Doyle on Thursday. During testimony, Warren stated that while she went out collecting signatures with City Councilmember Willie Lightfoot on March 3rd, they did not discuss what candidates were on the petitions. Signatures collected that day by both endorsed Warren for the committee seat.

Geraci’s lawyer, Mark Pincelli, argued it was unlikely Warren was unaware, as she failed to decline the additional nomination by the April 8th deadline. He noted Lightfoot obtained the signature of Warren’s brother Nelson Williamson, who resides with Warren, for the committee petition.

City Council Vice President LaShay Harris, who leads the Democratic committee, said she listed Warren without her consent or knowledge, being unaware it could impact her judicial campaign. A decision from Justice Doyle is pending. If removed from the ballot, it could impact Warren’s judicial bid against Geraci in the upcoming Democratic primary election.



Source: WXXI News