On Wednesday, April 10, 2024, Bangor Daily News reported that Maine officials filed a petition to suspend Hancock County Probate Judge William Blaisdell IV from practicing law.

According to the petition filed with the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, Judge Blaisdell’s conduct in a 2019 divorce case demonstrated violations of the Maine Bar rules related to fairness and misconduct. Specifically, documents indicate Blaisdell missed multiple child support payments and failed to comply with court orders regarding nearly $50,000 owed to his ex-wife in overdue child support and legal fees.

The judge in the case, Patricia Worth, ruled Blaisdell had the financial assets to make payments for his children but refused to do so. To avoid a 90-day jail sentence, Blaisdell paid what he owed on March 20th, just days before the deadline. However, his past actions formed the basis for the Board of Overseers of the Bar, which regulates attorneys, to ask the high court for a temporary suspension of his law license.

Separately, the Board has also scheduled a disciplinary hearing for May 20th. This further proceeding will explore whether Blaisdell violated professional conduct rules concerning diligence, communication with the court, and expediting litigation in his divorce case.

If his law license is suspended as a result of these actions, it remains unclear if Blaisdell would be allowed to continue serving his elected role as Hancock County Probate Judge, a position he has held for the past decade. County officials indicated reciprocal agreements exist to borrow a probate judge from other areas should Blaisdell be unable to preside.

As the legal process plays out, Blaisdell did not provide comment on the suspension petition. He will defend his license at the upcoming disciplinary hearing.



Source: Bangor Daily News