On Wednesday, June 28, 2023, the News Channel Nebraska Central reported that Judge Grant Forsberg of the Nebraska 4th Judicial District County Court may face a formal complaint from former State Senator Ernie Chambers for ordering a $10 million bond against a woman accused of manslaughter.

In a report by Kearneyhub.com, it was reported that Jessica Hernandez, an Omaha woman, accused of arranging a man’s fatal beating, had her bail set at $10 million during her first court appearance. She faces charges of manslaughter and evidence tampering, with prosecutors alleging she orchestrated the deadly beating and relayed false information about the victim’s injuries. Her codefendant, Nadim Zarazua-Hernandez Jr., is charged with manslaughter and accused of executing the beating.

Allegedly, Hernandez received a $10 million bond, whereas the accused attacker, Nadim Zarazua-Hernandez was only granted a $200,000 bond. This was allegedly set by Judge Grant Forsberg.

In a report by the KETVOmaha News, Ben Salazar, a community activist stated, “We hear all kinds of things — the defendant has been marked as a jezebel, unworthy, and guilty, that’s where we have to step up and not judge on guilt or innocence but protect her rights to due process — both criminally and civilly. That’s what’s being denied in this case.”

Salazar was enjoined by former State Sen. Ernie Chambers, who calls Judge Grant Forsberg’s bond “racist and sexist.” Chambers added, “Even mobsters didn’t have $10 million bond, so, in effect, this is a denial of bond.” It was reported that Chambers plans to file formal complaints against both Forsberg and Douglas County Attorney, Don Kleine.


Source: News Channel Nebraska Central