On Thursday, February 1, 2024, News12 reported that a former Bedford Town justice was publicly censured for professional misconduct. According to the article, an appellate court upheld a decision by the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct to censure Eric Jacobsen.

The article stated that Jacobsen had pleaded guilty in 2020 to drunk driving following an incident where county police had to use a taser to remove him from his vehicle and subsequently handcuff him. Jacobsen was sentenced in 2020 to a one-year conditional discharge for the drunk driving offense and had his driver’s license revoked for six months. He was also required to maintain an ignition interlock device on his vehicles for one year.

The appellate court decision affirmed the ruling of the Commission on Judicial Conduct. In the Commission’s determination, Jacobsen was found to have violated the rules governing judicial conduct and ethics by operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. This conduct endangered public safety and failed to uphold the high standards of conduct required of a judge.



Source: News12