On Thursday, December 21, 2023, The Alamance News reported that longtime Alamance County Chief District Court Judge Brad Allen was demoted from his position following allegations of inappropriate conduct.

In an email to the Alamance County Bar Association on December 18, 2023, Allen acknowledged that North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Paul Newby had appointed District Court Judge Katie Overby as the new Chief District Court Judge for Alamance County, effective immediately. Allen has served as Chief District Judge since 2014.

The circumstances leading to Allen’s demotion appear related to his behavior at the bar association’s annual Christmas party on December 9th. Multiple sources say Allen was visibly intoxicated upon arrival and seen inappropriately touching several women on the dance floor, with one witness claiming the incident was captured on video.

After the party, at least two complaints were filed against Allen with the North Carolina Judicial Standards Commission. As Chief Justice Newby has the authority to remove judges from the bench if misconduct is found, speculation is rising that Allen’s tenure as a judge could be in jeopardy.

For now, Allen remains on the District Court bench but has been replaced as Chief by Judge Overby in the wake of the allegations from the bar party earlier this month. This brings an end to Allen’s tenure as the Alamance County Chief District Judge.


Source: The Alamance News