On Wednesday, April 3, 2024, Corey Allen Jones filed a petition for a writ of quo warranto against Judge Robert G. Hart of the Toledo Municipal Court in the Supreme Court of Ohio.

The petition alleges that Judge Hart overstepped his lawful authority and violated his oath of office in his handling of several cases involving Jones. Specifically, Jones claims that Judge Hart lacked substantive law to support the charges brought against him because there was no sworn affidavit from an injured party. Jones also argues that Judge Hart denied him due process rights and the right to face his accuser.

Additionally, the petition alleges that Judge Hart interfered with Jones’ commerce activities and imposed legal judgments that conflicted with Jones’ religious beliefs. Jones asserts that by failing to properly apply commercial statutes and protect Jones’ constitutional rights, Judge Hart exercised powers beyond what is legally conferred to a municipal court judge.

A writ of quo warranto is a special legal challenge that questions a public official’s authority to hold office. If the Supreme Court agrees with the claims in Jones’ petition, it could potentially order Judge Hart’s removal from the bench. However, Judge Hart has yet to respond to the allegations.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.