On Thursday, February 1, 2024, FOX56 reported that the Monroe County Republican Party calls on Colleen Mancuso, one of nine magisterial district judges in Monroe County, to resign due to a conflict of interest arising from her husband Mike Mancuso’s new role as Monroe County District Attorney.

Some local Republicans believed Judge Mancuso should step down because an administrative order was issued in December barring her from handling search warrants, arrest warrants, and preliminary arraignments now that her spouse had become District Attorney.

Janet Smith, a representative of the Monroe County Republican Party, said Judge Mancuso should resign as she could no longer perform all aspects of her job due to the restriction imposed by the administrative order. However, District Attorney Mike Mancuso countered that his office continues to appear before Judge Mancuso on a weekly basis. He noted that virtually all defendants and their lawyers opt to have Judge Mancuso remain on their cases. As such, he believed she was still able to carry out her duties despite the limitation.

Teri VanBritsom Martin, a local consultant, noted that there were no concerns about a potential conflict of interest during last year’s election season, despite both Judge Mancuso and DA Mancuso running for office at the same time. She questioned why it had become an issue now. Furthermore, VanBritsom Martin was concerned the order would unnecessarily cost taxpayers money and override the will of voters.

Despite calls to step down, Judge Mancuso saw no reason to resign and intended to remain in her position. As of the FOX56 report, it was unclear how long the administrative order from December would stay in effect.



Source: FOX56