On Saturday, April 27, 2024, Black Enterprise reported that a retired Black judge from Chicago had filed a complaint against American Airlines alleging racial discrimination during a recent first-class flight from Chicago to Phoenix.

Pamela Hill-Veal, a former circuit court judge in Illinois, was traveling with family on February 10th when she reportedly faced harassment from a flight attendant after using the airplane bathroom located in the first-class cabin. In her complaint, Hill-Veal said the attendant stopped her upon returning to her seat and accused her of slamming the bathroom door despite her denial. She was then blocked from using the first-class restroom again by the same attendant.

Hill-Veal, who is African American, believes the incident was racially motivated. She noted seeing other white passengers engaging in similar behavior without receiving the same treatment. The situation escalated when the attendant followed Hill-Veal back to her seat and allegedly tried to physically remove her while threatening to have her arrested. Hill-Veal stated the attendant falsely claimed she hit him.

The complaint filed by Hill-Veal outlined her feelings of humiliation over the experience and lingering discomfort with flying due to concerns over possible retaliation. American Airlines acknowledged contacting Hill-Veal to learn more and stressed the company’s commitment to ensuring all customers feel respected. However, further details on the airline’s response or any disciplinary actions taken were not disclosed.



Source: Black Enterprise