On Wednesday, April 24, 2024, the Detroit Metro Times reported that suspended Detroit judge Kahlilia Davis is running again to regain her seat on the 36th District Court, despite facing a six-year suspension from the Michigan Supreme Court for judicial misconduct.

The article detailed Davis’ checkered history on the bench. She was first elected to serve a six-year term on the 36th District Court in November 2016, but her tenure was plagued with issues from the beginning, as she failed to show up for the first two months. During her time as a judge, she arrived late to work frequently and disappeared during court sessions. She was also accused of citing religious texts inappropriately during hearings, dismissing cases due to personal grievances, disconnecting courtroom monitoring equipment, missing weeks of court, and abusing her contempt powers.

One particularly troubling incident involved Davis engaged in an altercation in a parking lot in 2019 where she allegedly verbally threatened and harassed the owner of a legally parked vehicle. These actions, along with other ethical lapses, led the Michigan Supreme Court to suspend Davis in June 2020. Subsequently, in September 2022 the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission found Davis to be “unfit” for the bench and “incapable of conforming her behavior.” They recommended a six-year ban as well, which the state Supreme Court agreed with.

Despite this lengthy suspension, ending her term early in January 2023, Davis is now running again in the August 2024 primary election to regain one of two seats on the 36th District Court in Detroit. The article noted the Michigan Bureau of Elections would have to determine if her suspension allowed her to appear on the ballot before the June 2024 deadline. A spokesperson mentioned the suspension language did not explicitly prevent running, but did ban her from serving if elected.



Source: Detroit Metro Times