On November 29, 2023, 1819 News reported that Jefferson County Circuit Judge Tracie Todd submitted her resignation on November 26 after facing multiple ethics violations and suspensions since 2021. According to the report, Judge Todd’s official resignation date will be December 6.

Judge Todd has faced controversy over some of her rulings and actions in court since 2021. That year, she was charged with abusing her judicial power and failing to remain neutral after asking an attorney under oath whether he donated to her election opponent’s campaign in 2012. One of Judge Todd’s rulings from 2021 that was overturned attempted to declare Alabama’s death penalty statute unconstitutional.

In October 2022, the Alabama Court of the Judiciary found Todd guilty of one charge of violating judicial ethics and suspended her without pay for 120 days. She spent most of that suspension period in Chicago with her family, claiming remote work and COVID-19 quarantines prevented her return to Alabama. However, the state’s Judicial Inquiry Commission presented evidence that Judge Todd did not log into the court’s case management software from December 2021 to March 2022 and failed to reschedule hearings that litigants sometimes attended.

Judge Todd’s defense argued she directed staff to reopen her office while away and that checking the software was not her responsibility. Last year, she received another suspension for failing to follow the court orders resulting from her 2021 conviction.

The exact reasons for Judge Todd’s resignation this week are unclear, but she has faced increasing controversy and punishment since being elected as a Democrat in 2012. Her term was set to expire in 2025.


Source: 1819 News