“Expose yourself legally!”

  • AbusiveDiscretion caters to attorneys, judges, academics, politicians, voters, and motivated litigants.
  • Our advertising packages can be purchased sitewide, by state, or bespoke for particular content types, even, dare we say, news about a specific judge.



  • AbusiveDiscretion’s first client was an association of attorneys who paid to have a specific judge investigated to expose in the media.
  • They chose AbusiveDiscretion based on our Publisher’s experience in law, investigative journalism, demonstrated passion for justice, and pricing.

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“The Bullhorn”

  • Some stories need to be told by the victims, advocates, and even the judges we cover who want to improve the system.
  • Our platform is for rent to express a message clearly delineated as not stemming from our editorial team, such as press releases and more. 

“Celebrity” WRITER

“Payback’s a bitch”

  • We won’t let ‘just anybody’ produce our unbiased content, but they pretty much can write our headlines!
  • If, say as an attorney, you were ever sick of judges writing and ruling about, the ‘Celebrity” Headline Writer can pay to write funny judge headlines for a week!