Matt Stoller’s hard-hitting article – “All Rise: How Judges Rule America” – exposes the alarming extent of power wielded by judges in the United States. Stoller, Research Director for the American Economic Liberties Project and author of “Goliath,” presents a compelling argument that the unchecked authority of judges poses a significant threat to the very foundations of democracy.

In his article, Stoller reveals how the judiciary has transformed into a de facto policymaker, with judges frequently using their positions to advance personal ideologies and political agendas. This disturbing trend has led to unelected officials making decisions that impact millions of lives, circumventing the necessary checks and balances that should be present in a democratic system.

“In other words, the power of judges is massive, and judges openly and often thwart the will of Congress,” said Stoller. “And this power is not necessarily based on partisan or traditional ideological affiliations.”

Stoller’s argument is further strengthened by his emphasis on the issue of judicial opacity. He highlights the fact that judges often operate behind closed doors, which makes it exceedingly difficult for the public to scrutinize and critique their decisions. This lack of transparency not only exacerbates the potential for ideological bias but also undermines public trust in the judicial process.

To confront the dangerous implications of judges’ unchecked power, it is imperative to consider reforms that can restore balance and fairness to the American judiciary system. Implementing term limits for judges could help prevent lifetime appointments and reduce the risk of entrenched power dynamics. Moreover, increasing transparency in the judicial process and promoting public engagement could hold judges more accountable for their decisions and actions.

“It’s time for Congress to start paying attention to the decisions these judges are making. And I don’t just mean judges making high-profile policy choices, like overturning Roe vs Wade,” said Stoller. “Why isn’t any elected leader speaking out about the three judges on the D.C. Circuit Court asking them about why they are twisting the Sherman Antitrust Act regarding Facebook? Why aren’t Democrats or Republicans who oppose big tech dominance noticing that their own judges are thwarting their agenda? Where’s the scrutiny of judicial nominees on antitrust?”

In summary, Matt Stoller’s provocative article serves as a wake-up call about the unchecked power of judges in the United States and its detrimental effects on democracy. Addressing these issues and implementing necessary reforms are essential to ensuring that the judiciary system remains a bastion of justice, impartiality, and fairness for all Americans.

“I think they will get there. It will just take time to get over the deference liberals have to fancy academics and judges,” said Stoller. “And frankly, it periodically happens that judges get outside of the bounds of the public will. Complaints about judges was a causal factor in Bacon’s rebellion in 1676, it was listed in the Declaration of Independence, and Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and FDR all fought back against bad judging. We’ll probably have to do it again. Ultimately, though, judges are just people, and they can be drawn back to the real world. We just have to remind them of the oath they swore.”


Source: TheBigNewsletter