On Monday, August 1, 2022, Appellant Girish Modi filed a brief entitled ‘Discretionary Appeal,’ involving an alleged conspiracy between Gwinnett County State Court Judge Emily Brantley and a defense counsel. The case is styled as ‘Modi v. India-American Cultural Association’ with case number #A23D0018.

The appellant’s allegations include violations of judicial canon Rules 2.3 & 2.11 of the Georgia Code of Judicial Conduct and Canons 1, 2 & 2A.

In the brief, Modi alleged that:

“The judge had denied my motion for an interlocutory injunction based on Mr. Kogan’s false and misleading arguments at the April 29, 2021 hearing, which were adopted in the Court’s May 5, 2021 Order and were grounds for my first appeal.’

The brief goes on:

“The Judge’s dismissal of my TAC after the March 29, 2022 hearing was entirely based on Mr. Kogan’s false & misleading statements. Luckily, before the Judge reduced his verbal order into written Order, I quickly corrected defects and filed the modified complaint as 4″ Amended Complaint (“4AC”), which appears to upset both the judge and Mr. Kogan. I do not understand why the Judge had signed the dismissal order prepared by Mr. Kogan six days after I had filed his 4AC.”

The brief also reads:

“My cross-motion Exhibit-B was the final nail 1n the coffin since it infuriated the Judge beyond imagination. As a result, the Judge very next day dismissed my 4AC, denied my cross-motion & awarded attorney fees to Defendant. (Exhibit-D) in gross disregard for the laws and manifest abuse of authority. The Judge also stated that he will decide later on whether to hold me in civil/criminal contempt as a sign of climax of abuse of his power.”

Appellant Modi requested that the Appeals Court grant his discretionary appeal from the trial court’s
Order dismissing his  Complaint, denying cross-motion for summary judgment, and award of fees as unfair sanctions.

The Judge can be reached at (770) 822-8515.

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