On Friday, June 21, 2024, RadarOnline.com reported that A$AP Rocky’s defamation lawsuit took an unexpected turn in court. The case, filed last year by Terell Ephron who accused A$AP Rocky of shooting him, had already seen several judges recuse themselves from presiding over the matter.

In the most recent development, Judge Randolph Hammock was reassigned to oversee the case, despite having been previously removed in April at Ephron’s request. Ephron had argued that he feared he could not receive a fair trial under Hammock. However, the court ruled that Ephron’s objection to Hammock was not submitted on time.

The lawsuit stems from an incident in 2021 where Ephron alleged that A$AP Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, pointed a gun at him and fired twice, injuring his hands with bullet fragments. Mayers pled not guilty to assault charges. Separately, Ephron is suing the rapper and his attorney Joseph Tacopina for defamation, claiming they labeled him an extortionist and liar publicly.

Since the filing of the defamation suit last September, the case has undergone numerous judge substitutions. Judge William Fahey was assigned in May after Hammock’s initial removal but later recused himself, sending the case back for reassignment. It was then given again to Hammock.

While the court ruled Ephron’s objection to Hammock as untimely, the issue is still pending resolution. Each party has until June 28th to submit written briefs on the matter. A hearing is scheduled for July 5th, where the judgeship question will be further debated. For now, Hammock remains presiding over the high-profile lawsuit between A$AP Rocky and his accuser Terell Ephron.



Source: RadarOnline.com