On Thursday, July 4, 2024, FOX19 reported that a Clermont County Municipal Court employee had been fired in relation to the resignation of a judge.

Allison Kersker, a 26-year-old administrative assistant for the Clermont County Municipal Court, was placed on paid administrative leave on June 21, the same day that Judge Jesse Kramig resigned from his position. Kramig had been accused last year of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with Kersker, although both parties denied the allegations at the time.

However, on June 20, new accusations surfaced on social media that Kramig and Kersker were seen together at a local park during work hours. In response, the other two municipal court judges—Anita Bechmann and Jason Nagel—asked Kramig to step down from his role the following day.

In his resignation letter, Kramig accepted responsibility for “mistakes in his personal life” that had become public and said he realized “remaining on the bench could negatively impact its image.”

Kersker was then terminated from her job by Judge Bechmann, the presiding municipal court judge. Bechmann said in a letter to Kersker that her “response to the events of the past year demonstrated dishonesty and disregard for the professionalism of the court.” This conduct had led to operational disruptions and an inability to trust Kersker as an employee, according to Bechmann.

Kersker was initially fired but then given the option to resign voluntarily by signing a separation agreement by July 1. However, she did not respond to the agreement before the deadline. As a result, her termination was made effective June 26 with only accrued vacation pay.

The separation agreement would have required Kersker to waive the right to pursue legal claims against the individuals involved. Kramig was first appointed to the bench in 2016 and had begun a new elected term in January 2024. His lawyer indicated there would be no action from the Ohio Judicial Disciplinary Board regarding Kramig.

An investigation into allegations against Kramig and Kersker last year was closed without charges after Warren County deputies said there was insufficient evidence of criminal behavior. However, officials interviewed in the case reported statements and admissions from both parties about an “inappropriate, non-physical relationship.”



Source: FOX19