On Monday, February 26, 2024, The Dallas Morning News reported that Judge Gena Slaughter of the 191st Civil District Court in Dallas County had received a public reprimand from the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct for failing to make timely rulings.

According to the article, the Commission ruled that Judge Slaughter let motions sit pending for months in a 2018 civil lawsuit without ruling on them. An appeals court had to intervene in 2020 and instruct Judge Slaughter to rule on the outstanding motions. In 2022, the appeals court again had to get involved in the same case after the judge failed to rule on six other motions that had been pending for between two to over ten months. The delays caused by the lack of rulings impacted whether the case could proceed to trial.

When questioned by the Commission, Judge Slaughter acknowledged that she did not sign orders in a timely manner but claimed most rulings had been communicated to parties, though not officially filed. She added that the delays did not stall the ultimate resolution of the case. However, the Commission dismissed her explanations, stating her actions were inconsistent with proper judicial conduct and eroded public trust in the justice system.

It was further noted that this was not the first time Judge Slaughter has been reprimanded. She had also previously been disciplined by the Commission for tardy rulings in additional cases, failure to maintain her law license, and not properly filing campaign finance reports. Despite this, Judge Slaughter, a Democrat, ran for re-election unopposed in 2022 and has served on the 191st Civil District Court since 2007.



Source: The Dallas Morning News