On Wednesday, December 20, 2023, FOX5 reported that Robert Telles, who is accused of murdering Las Vegas journalist Jeff German, filed a motion seeking to remove Judge Michelle Leavitt of the Nevada 8th Judicial District Court from his case.

Telles claims in the court motion that Judge Leavitt demonstrated “deep-seated favoritism” towards the Clark County District Attorney’s office and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He argues this bias would prevent him from receiving a fair trial.

Specifically, Telles’ filing takes issue with several of Judge Leavitt’s alleged actions. He accuses her of potentially colluding with prosecutors and attempts to prejudice the defendant in the public eye. If the motion is denied, Telles maintains Judge Leavitt’s perceived pro-prosecution leaning would likely result in rulings that violate his constitutional right to an impartial jury.

Telles, who was indicted in October 2022 on a murder charge for the stabbing death of 69-year-old Jeff German outside his home, previously filed a removal request against Judge Leavitt in March. He claimed at that time the judge had antagonized him in court. However, that request was denied by Judge Jerry Wiese, who reviewed the matter and saw no issues in Judge Leavitt’s handling of Telles.

A hearing on the latest disqualification motion has been scheduled for January 11, 2024, before Judge Wiese.


Source: FOX5