On Monday, January 29, 2024, Fox59 reported that the defense attorneys for Richard Allen, who is accused of murdering Abby Williams and Libby German in Delphi, Indiana in 2017, had filed a new motion seeking the removal of Special Judge Fran Gull from the case.

According to attorneys Andrew Baldwin and Bradley Rozzi, Judge Gull should be replaced or recuse herself due to concerns over her impartiality. They argued that at every stage of the legal proceedings, her actions and rulings would be scrutinized in light of her previous error in severing the attorney-client relationship between Allen and his original chosen lawyers.

Baldwin and Rozzi pointed to the Indiana Supreme Court’s decision in December 2023 to reinstate them as Allen’s counsel after Judge Gull had called for their removal in October, citing a leak of evidence on social media. In their latest motion, the defense attorneys claimed Judge Gull’s previous interference in the attorney-client relationship could lead a reasonable person to believe she possesses a bias against their client, Richard Allen.

Allen supported his attorneys’ request in a 22-page affidavit, accusing Judge Gull of misleading the public during the October hearing when she announced Baldwin and Rozzi had withdrawn from the case. He alleged Judge Gull denied evidentiary hearings and made rulings that lacked serious legal or factual analysis. Allen also argued Judge Gull had treated the prosecution more favorably by allowing them to withhold potentially exculpatory evidence for months.

The affidavit raised further complaints, such as Judge Gull’s failure to ensure Allen’s humane treatment and housing during pre-trial detention. Allen believed some of Judge Gull’s actions, like removing defense pleadings from the record, demonstrated an inability to remain impartial.

If the motion is granted, it would mark another significant development in the high-profile case of Richard Allen, who has pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder. A ruling on the defense’s latest request to remove Judge Gull from the case could impact how the legal proceedings unfold.



Source: Fox59