On Thursday, January 18, 2024, Colorado Politics reported that longtime Denver Juvenile Court Presiding Judge D. Brett Woods remains suspended pending a disciplinary investigation by the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline.

The Supreme Court issued an order on December 21, giving Woods a 21-day period to provide justification for remaining on the bench during the ongoing investigation by the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline. Furthermore, the court issued an additional order on January 18, reiterating that Woods is still under paid suspension until further notice. Chief Justice Brian D. Boatright did not participate in either order, while Justice Monica M. Márquez only recused herself from the initial December order, though the reason for her partial participation is unclear.

Few details have been disclosed about the nature of the investigation against Judge Woods. Spokesperson Rob McCallum for the state’s judicial branch stated no specifics are available regarding the reasons for Woods’ suspension. Emails sent to Denver Juvenile Court staff and lawyers by judges Pax Moultrie and Laurie A. Clark urged privacy and continuity of operations, with Judge Moultrie temporarily presiding through the end of 2023 before assuming a new role on the Court of Appeals.

As of mid-January, court executive Abigail Young noted being awaiting more information but acknowledged potential staffing issues with only one remaining juvenile judge, Laurie Clark, who has since been designated as interim lead.

Judge Woods has served Denver Juvenile Court since 2007 and was retained by voters in November 2022 despite below-average survey ratings. The status of the investigation and Woods’ judicial position remain unclear at this stage.



Source: Colorado Politics