On Thursday, May 2, 2024, The Daily Record reported that a former law clerk testified in a hearing for embattled Prince George’s County Circuit Court Judge April Ademiluyi.

According to the article, Lanay Mitchell – who previously served as a law clerk for Judge Ademiluyi and now works as a special assistant US attorney in Greenbelt – said Ademiluyi told her that Judge Michael R. Pearson had filed a complaint against Ademiluyi alleging that she “was trying to get him alone so he could falsely accuse her of rape.” Judge Pearson had testified earlier in the week that he sought to limit contact with Ademiluyi after her election campaign criticized Prince George’s County judges.

Mitchell also told the Commission on Judicial Disabilities that in November 2023, Ademiluyi asked her to deliver cookies and cupcakes meant solely for Judge Pearson. However, Mitchell said she declined due to awareness of Pearson’s prior complaint.

The commission has alleged Ademiluyi harassed Pearson, including sending him texts nearly a year after he emailed her about tardiness to a remote hearing. One text mentioned “letting go of tension” and hanging out, according to charging documents. When Pearson requested she not contact his personal cellphone, Ademiluyi allegedly called another judge, Quincy Coleman, regarding Pearson after a conference.

Coleman testified he advised Ademiluyi to leave Pearson alone and found the situation “uncomfortable.” Another judge, Robin Gill Bright, testified interactions with Ademiluyi seemed normal.

Craig Brodsky, a lawyer who formerly represented Ademiluyi, said he disclosed his role to Pearson at a settlement where both judges were involved. Brodsky alleged Pearson then “cross-examined” and questioned him in a “confined space,” making him feel uncomfortable.

When testimony concludes on May 10, Ademiluyi is expected to take the stand in the hearing over misconduct charges and a prior recommendation of discipline from the commission.



Source: The Daily Record