Citing health issues, Polk County in Georgia’s Probate Court Judge Tony L. Brazier resigned from his position while facing an ethics probe, according to

Polk County Chief Probate Judge Tony L. Brazier officially resigned from his judicial position on July 15, 2023. This resignation marks the resolution of an ongoing investigation conducted by the Judicial Qualifications Commission of Georgia, which had been examining allegations of judicial misconduct attributed to Brazier. These allegations encompassed his purported failure to consistently fulfill his judicial responsibilities, particularly in terms of regular attendance to his duties. In addition to this, the chief probate judge faced accusations of hiring and overseeing unqualified employees in an improper manner.

Furthermore, there were claims that Brazier had engaged in the issuance of marriage licenses and the utilization of notary services within the probate court in a manner that raised concerns. As of his resignation, Brazier’s departure from the bench is anticipated to bring closure to these various issues under scrutiny.

According to the Polk County Standard Journala resignation letter was sent to Gov. Brian Kemps’s office stating Brazier would be stepping down.

“Lord knows I love serving the people. All I’ve done since serving this county since 1979 is serve faithfully with compassion and dedication,” Brazier said. “I will miss taking care of the people that come under my office’s care. But when your health begins to affect how you serve, you have to listen to the doctors.”

Following a back surgery Brazier underwent in April, he has encountered recent complications necessitating another procedure. This upcoming surgery is expected to considerably restrict his mobility, as explained by Brazier himself. Expressing a sense of difficulty and emotional weight, Brazier acknowledged that he will need to step down from his position. According to an email communication from Denton, Associate Probate Judge Shayne Green is set to assume the role on an interim basis until November, when a special election will take place concurrently with the general election.