On Monday, June 24, 2024, Salon reported that legal experts were sharply criticizing a recent hearing in the classified documents case involving former President Donald Trump. The experts argued that the hearing before Judge Aileen Cannon was frivolous and enabled further attacks by Trump against the investigation.

According to the article, Judge Cannon had presided over a hearing the previous Friday to discuss whether the appointment of special counsel Jack Smith to oversee investigations into Trump was lawful. However, numerous other courts had already settled this issue, and the arguments presented did not seem to change Cannon’s view. Legal analyst Lisa Rubin called the hearing “baffling” and noted Cannon allotted almost two full days for debating this point, despite having said more work was needed on other matters in the case.

At the same time, the article stated that when Smith had requested modifying Trump’s bail conditions in May due to dangerous rhetoric, Cannon gave his team only two hours several weeks later to argue their case. Trump had made claims accusing Smith and the FBI of being willing to kill him, while one Trump supporter was recently arrested for threatening to “slaughter” an FBI agent. Experts said Cannon’s delay in addressing this threat contrasted sharply with how much time she gave to the frivolous special counsel appointment issue.

Former prosecutor Kristy Greenberg was quoted saying the hearing was a “completely frivolous” argument and that by not acting swiftly, Cannon had almost aided Trump in further riling up his base. This concerned experts as Trump’s lies had already correlated with past violent actions targeting law enforcement, like the attack on an FBI building following the Mar-a-Lago search.



Source: Salon