On Saturday, February 24, 2024, the Tampa Free Press reported that Osceola County Circuit Judge John Beamer could receive a public reprimand from the Florida Supreme Court over delays in rulings.

According to the article, the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission filed formal charges against Judge Beamer, stating that he had shown “significant delays in rulings and orders”. It was reported that the chief judge of the 9th Judicial Circuit had met with Judge Beamer on at least three occasions from late 2021 to early 2023 to discuss complaints about delays and emphasize the importance of timely rulings.

While Judge Beamer acknowledged the issues and agreed to work through the backlog of cases, the commission expressed concerns that it took their direct involvement for him to address the problem. Records indicated Judge Beamer, who had been on the bench since 2020, had also failed to properly document cases under advisement.

The commission reached an agreement with Judge Beamer where he would receive a public reprimand from the Supreme Court. However, the high court has the ultimate authority over disciplining judges and must still approve the reprimand. If approved, it would serve as a formal acknowledgment of Beamer’s mistakes to help ensure timely rulings going forward.



Source: Tampa Free Press