On Monday, May 27, 2024, the Victoria Advocate reported that former Hawkins County Juvenile Judge Daniel Boyd had repaid $100,000 to the county for salary and benefits paid during his suspension.

Boyd had been suspended from his position as juvenile judge on August 16, 2023, after being indicted on charges of forgery, criminal simulation, and bribery related to his private law practice. While suspended, Hawkins County continued paying Boyd his salary, as well as paying the salary for his replacement judge.

In total, Boyd was paid over $120,000 in salary and benefits from the date of his suspension until his resignation on February 29, 2024. Hawkins County Mayor Mark DeWitte said in an initial conversation, Boyd’s attorney offered to repay $100,000 to make the county whole.

DeWitte accepted a check from Boyd for $100,000 along with a letter stating his intention to pay the remaining amount. The mayor indicated the payment would be considered a gift with no strings attached.

On February 29, Boyd pled guilty to three counts of forgery and one count of criminal simulation, which are all class E felonies. He was sentenced by special judge Kelly Thomas to 18 months probation and a $400 fine.

The $100,000 repayment from Boyd will go into Hawkins County’s general fund to recover costs associated with paying dual salaries for the juvenile judge position during Boyd’s period of suspension and pending criminal charges.



Source: Victoria Advocate