On Friday, January 20, 2023, 8NewsNow.com reported that former Las Vegas judge, Melanie Andress-Tobiason who resigned in 2021 from being a Justice of the Peace in Las Vegas Township, Clark County in the State of Nevada after a hearing on ethics charges, died by suicide.

Ms. Tobiason has been investigated by Nevada’s Judicial Discipline Commission for almost two years. Some of the alleged charges against her involved her, requesting the authorities to investigate a clothing store where her daughter is employed while she believed that the said store is a front for prostitution. Moreover, it was stated that she was interfering with a vice investigation.

As part of the deal, in a Stipulation and Order of Consent to Resignation and Resolution of all pending matters involving the Commission and Respondent, dated April 29, 2021, the charges against her were dropped after she resigned from the bench.

The filing states:

“The Commission hereby stipulates to dismiss all pending matters before the Commission against Respondent, with prejudice. The Commission further agrees to take no further action against Respondent on any further matters, whether known or unknown.”

The filing continues:

“The Respondent hereby further stipulates to immediately tender the resignation of her position as a Justice of the Peace in Las Vegas Township, Clark County, State of Nevada, to become effective May 7, 2021, via an appropriate communication to the Clark County Commission (copied to Richard Dreitzer, Prosecuting Officer for the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline (“NCJD”) who will then convey this fact to the NCJD) and to meet any other requirements to vacate her judicial office contemporaneous with the immediate effect of this Order, upon written notice to counsel for Respondent that this Order has now taken effect.”


Source: 8NewsNow.com

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