On Thursday, May 23, 2024, Salon reported that former Trump lawyer Ty Cobb had strongly criticized Judge Aileen Cannon’s handling of the special counsel’s indictment against Donald Trump.

Ty Cobb, who previously served as a lawyer for Trump in the White House but has since become a critic, took issue with Judge Cannon declining to rule on a motion by Trump’s legal team to dismiss the indictment. Trump’s lawyers had argued there were technical flaws in the indictment filed by special counsel Jack Smith. However, Judge Cannon did not appear convinced by their argument. While she raised concerns that a jury may have difficulty understanding the nuances of the case, Cobb believed most jurors would not face the same problems as the judge.

Cobb was also troubled by Judge Cannon scheduling multiple hearings to address individual motions separately. He argued that most federal judges would have ruled on all pending motions much sooner. In Cobb’s view, the trial should have begun as scheduled earlier in May. This wasn’t the first time Cobb had criticized Judge Cannon’s handling of the case. Previously, he said she was not capable of ruling intelligently and questioned her impartiality.

Before the recent undecided motion, Judge Cannon had five other defense motions to dismiss still awaiting rulings. At the current pace, Cobb suggested the trial may not be completed until after the 2024 presidential election. If Donald Trump were to run again and win the presidency, he could potentially see the entire case thrown out.

The special counsel indictment accuses Trump of wrongly retaining classified documents after leaving office. Unless Judge Cannon picks up the pace of proceedings, Americans may not see a resolution of these allegations until well into 2025 or later.



Source: Salon