On Saturday, June 29, 2024, MagicValley reported that Magistrate Judge Calvin Campbell officially stepped down from his role on the bench after serving in the position for over 12 years in Twin Falls County. Judge Campbell felt bittersweet emotions about leaving his job that he was passionate about. While looking forward to his next chapter, he loved the work and helping the community.

Judge Campbell plans to remain involved in law through associate work with colleagues. He will return to his roots in private practice by taking on contract work for the prosecutor’s office. Earlier this month, Twin Falls attorney Jennifer R. Bergin was selected to replace Judge Campbell and assume his duties starting mid-July.

During his time as a judge, Campbell noted how the role changed his life, adding formality as he lost his first name and people interacted with more reservation. It could be discouraging not seeing the impact of his rulings when defendants repeatedly re-offended. A meaningful interaction with someone in recovery reassured him of the court’s influence.

Campbell felt drawn to the judiciary to serve the public through his position. The magistrate court has the most engagement with citizens through various legal matters. He found child welfare and custody cases especially serious, aiming to make choices in the best interests of all. As he wraps up his term on the bench, Judge Campbell hopes to be remembered for his compassion and caring for those who came before him in the courtroom.



Source: MagicValley