On Tuesday, June 4, 2024, Fox 59 reported that Indiana Special Judge Fran Gull denied a defense motion seeking her recusal from the high-profile Delphi murder case of Richard Allen.

Judge Gull, who was appointed to oversee the case after the original judge stepped down, has now rejected three attempts by Allen’s defense team to have her removed from the proceedings. In her latest six-page order filed on Monday, June 3, Judge Gull stood by her impartiality and denied allegations that she had treated the prosecution more favorably.

The defense had claimed Judge Gull exhibited bias in her rulings. However, she pointed out in her order that she had handed down adverse decisions against both the prosecution and defense, which is normal in a court of law. Judge Gull also addressed concerns that some defense filings were inadvertently shared with the prosecution due to confidentiality markings. She provided guidance to properly file privileged documents going forward.

Richard Allen is charged with two counts of murder for the February 2017 killings of teenage girls Abby Williams and Libby German in Delphi. His trial is currently scheduled for October but has been bogged down in various pretrial motions since his arrest in October 2022. The defense had raised issues with the timeline allotted for the trial, claiming the allotted timeframe in May was not sufficient. However, Judge Gull noted they did not communicate this until shortly before a scheduled hearing. She said extending the trial to October to address these belated concerns was necessary to avoid surprises for jurors.

In her order, Judge Gull also addressed defense claims that funding requests have been denied unreasonably. She stated the court was aware of authorized defense funding and had only returned invoices lacking proper documentation to support expenses. Furthermore, Judge Gull dismissed arguments that her past denials of cameras in the courtroom exhibited bias, citing lost confidence in media compliance with courtroom procedures during a prior dramatic hearing that was ultimately not conducted.

Going forward, Judge Gull’s latest ruling means she will continue presiding over pretrial proceedings in the high-profile Delphi murder case of Richard Allen. Both sides will now prepare for the new trial start date of October 14, with jurors from a different county to be brought in for an impartial panel to decide the case’s outcome.



Source: Fox 59