On Monday, May 15, 2023, Local News Digital reported that three judges of Bartholomew County, namely, Judge Kelly Benjamin, Judge James Worton, and Judge Jonathan Rode released their statement in relation to the recent modifications to the Indiana Supreme Court rule that restricts the broadcasting of court proceedings.

The judges expressed their commitment to promoting open access to the legal process while maintaining respect for confidentiality.

The statement, released on Monday, highlighted the collaboration between Bartholomew County Courts and other district courts to establish a consistent regional process allowing certain exceptions to the broadcasting prohibition. To ensure a comprehensive evaluation, the revised local rules will be made available for public comment, enabling community members to voice their views on the proposed changes.

Until the comments have been duly considered and the revised local rules are finalized, the Bartholomew County Courts plan to adhere to the proposed modifications, demonstrating their commitment to transparency at the same time.

The statement underscored that despite the Supreme Court rules preventing the broadcasting of court proceedings, members of the public will always have the opportunity to observe non-confidential hearings by attending the court sessions in person.

The judges’ statement was released following the effectivity of the amendment to Rule 2.17  of the Indiana Code of Judicial Court made by the Indiana Supreme Court. The original version of the rule explicitly prohibited broadcasting, televising, recording, or photography in the courtroom and its immediate surroundings during court sessions or recesses. However, the recent amendment will now permit media cameras, marking a significant shift in the court’s approach to transparency and media coverage of legal proceedings.


Source: Local News Digital