On Tuesday, October 10, 2023, Newsbreak reported that a pro se father named Matthew Aaron Escalante from Gardner, KS, has brought forward what could potentially be the largest discovery of judicial misconduct in the history of the State of Kansas. Escalante, who is representing himself in court, has filed numerous grievances with the Kansas Commission of Judicial Conduct, alleging that Family Court Judge Paul W Burmaster has violated the human and civil rights of his two minor daughters and himself over the past two years.

Since March 2023, Escalante has submitted over 50 dockets containing his complaints to the Kansas Commission of Judicial Conduct. Of these, 41 dockets have advanced to the next stage, revealing more than 100 potential violations of Judicial Law 601b by Judge Burmaster. These counts of misconduct went under review by the inquiry panel A of the Kansas Commission three days ago.

Included in Escalante’s filings are various images, a fraction of which have been shared with the public. These images are under review by the Kansas Commission inquiry panel A as part of the Matter of Inquiry of Paul William Burmaster. Judge Burmaster, a former Kansas criminal attorney, has already faced two ethics commission inquiries in the last 120 days based on Escalante’s filings. On October 6th, 2023, he underwent a full third inquiry review.

Escalante has also filed Supreme Court dockets 126,832 and 126,833, alleging judge misconduct connected to attorney misconduct. These claims revolve around false protective orders and false claims presented to Judge Burmaster by Overland Park Attorney Partner Christopher T Wilson of Ward Beam Wilson Fletes and Kruse LLC. Escalante asserts that Wilson’s actions have caused years of harm to his constitutional rights and the well-being of his minor children.

To support his claims, Escalante initiated a civil lawsuit in the District of Kansas Federal Court (Case No. 2:2023-CV02176) in April 2023. The lawsuit outlines a pattern of manipulation and coercion by Attorney Chris Wilson and Janelle Leigh Escalante, the mother of Escalante’s children. The suit also names Olathe Guardian ad Litem Lewanna Bell Lloyd as a defendant. The plaintiffs, including Escalante and his minor children, seek federal counts against all defendants for conspiracy to interfere with civil rights, obstruction, and manipulation of District Judge Paul Burmaster under Section 1985 of the federal codes. Escalante demands the return of his children for co-parenting and punitive damages exceeding $75,000.

The allegations presented by Escalante and the filings provided in the federal and supreme courts paint a tragic picture of the events surrounding his case. These documents are now in the hands of the Ethics Commission. Escalante’s aim is to shed light on the alleged misconduct and bring attention to what he perceives as a serious problem affecting not only himself but also the constitutional rights of many children in Kansas.


Source: NewsBreak