Law Professor and Catholic —- Adrian Vermuele recently tweeted
“Now heard from surprising quarters: “an unjust law is no law at all”
Of course, he was commenting on Georgetown Law Professor Heidi Li Feldman’s  tweet stream on:
“how to practice, teach, and understand law without falling into complicity with lawlessness”

Professor Feldman complains about a class of judges. That’s right – our top academics suggest judges create lawlessness in our society. For Professor Feldman, those judges serve as Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States.

It’s good to know the academy is free to write such things.
As noted on our original version of the About page for AbusiveDiscretion, regular people don’t have the flexibility to learn how lawless our legal overseers can be as paid academics. We learn about the rights and wrongs of law as it smacks us in the face.
We then follow the law and particularly judicial pronouncements or risk prison and ruin.
But it is an assortment of imperfect humans who threaten litigants with jail, rob children of a parent, bankrupt, and destroy lives, inadvertently or not. That’s a lot and it happens everyday.
These same judges, as you will see if you follow what we publish, are fraught with the foibles as any of us would be if drunk with our own power.
AbusiveDiscretion focuses on the mundane, the abuse that affects the everyman In short, we focus on the personal, not the politics and polemics of Professors Feldman and Vermeule. We presume that judges’ decisions are a result of power rather than perfection.
In this inaugural opinion piece, a dramatically less learned and slightly less haughty member of the academy suggests:
“Ignore the Academy not the Law. Improve the Judiciary.”
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