On Sunday, December 24, 2023, Mid Hudson News reported that legislation aiming to bring more transparency to judicial misconduct proceedings in New York has cleared the State Senate and may soon be taken up by the Assembly in early 2024.

The legislation would allow the New York Commission on Judicial Conduct to complete disciplinary proceedings against judges who leave office while under investigation. It would also make formal charges and associated hearing materials public once the Commission decides there is enough evidence to warrant charges following a confidential review.

The changes have backing from the Commission’s chairman Joseph Belluck and administrator Robert Tembeckjian, who argue it would align New York with 38 other states’ practices. Over 650 judges have resigned in New York since 1978 to avoid further action regarding investigations, they noted.

Belluck said making these changes would foster greater openness and accountability for how the Commission handles issues of judicial ethics and conduct, which has been a goal since the agency was formed in 1978. The bill now awaits consideration in the Assembly, with supporters hoping it will advance to the governor.


Source: Mid Hudson News