On Monday, February 19, 2024, The Daily Record reported that a Maryland judicial discipline panel has recommended sanctions against Prince George’s County Circuit Court Judge April T. Ademiluyi for refusing training and exhibiting bias.

According to the report, the Commission on Judicial Disabilities unanimously found that Judge Ademiluyi committed sanctionable conduct after a lengthy hearing in December where seven judges testified at the commission’s request. The panel recommended that Judge Ademiluyi receive a public censure as well as a six-month unpaid suspension, with four months suspended if she completes probation successfully.

As a new judge assigned in late 2020, Judge Ademiluyi was expected to undergo training with other judges to learn how to handle criminal and civil jury trials, as she had no prior experience in these areas. However, the commission discovered that Judge Ademiluyi repeatedly refused her training requirements, including failing to show up for assigned sessions and pushing back against supervisory judges’ oversight of her training. This extended her training period far beyond what was intended.

In March 2022, Judge Ademiluyi emailed one of her training judges stating she no longer needed feedback while presiding over a jury trial. Later that month, she told the training judge and administrative judge that she was uninterested in their advice concerning any case.

Additionally, the panel found that some of Judge Ademiluyi’s campaign statements for the bench implied she would not be impartial in sexual violence cases. In her first criminal trial involving alleged rape, Judge Ademiluyi undertook an independent investigation and evidentiary hearing without requests from parties.

The article also detailed findings that Judge Ademiluyi demeaned court staff and judges, with two former staffers seeking medical help due to stress from working with her. She unilaterally cancelled meetings with administrators and sent disparaging emails to training judges. Investigative counsel had recommended a three-month suspension for Judge Ademiluyi’s conduct.

The commission determined Judge Ademiluyi’s actions raised “substantial questions” about her fitness for office, warranting the disciplinary measures proposed. Judge Ademiluyi denies any wrongdoing and has filed lawsuits against other judges, according to the report. She is facing additional charges over alleged harassing messages sent to a fellow judge.



Source: The Daily Record