On Tuesday, July 19, 2022, Appellant Daniel Solee filed a brief entitled Appeal regarding a dispute of the initial award of a child’s custody, litigated in the Circuit Court of Maryland for Prince George’s County before Judge Carol A. Coderre. The case is styled as ‘Solee v. Solee’ with case number #CAD20-15149.

The minor child is Sia Solee (S.S.), now 6 years old. Appellant Daniel Solee (Solee) is the biological father, and Appellee Sonovia Solee (Robinson) is the biological mother.

In the brief, Appellant Solee alleged that:

“Coderre erred as a matter of law as to not articulating why custody was awarded to Robinson as well as Coderre abused her discretion as the court did not consider evidence that Robinson removed S.S. from the state of Maryland based on allegations that after a full hearing, Denton made a finding that Robinson’s testimony was not credible, or how Robinson’s actions affected the best interest of S.S.”

The brief goes on:

“Coderre does not analyze and articulate that the uncontested evidence presented by Solee that he could not find S.S. for over 5 months required S.S. to be placed in the NCIC and local law enforcement in California including the District Attorney’s Office in San Diego California was attempting to locate S.S. while Robinson moved from hotel to hotel with S.S., impacted the best interest of S.S. as well as an analysis as to how this conduct by Robinson impacted the court’s decision to award primary physical custody to Robinson.”

The brief also reads:

“Coderre does not address the evidence regarding the temporary pl order dated 1/29/2021. Solee testified that he was under duress as he with law enforcement had been looking for 8.8. and he had no physical contact with S.S. for over five months.”

Lastly from the brief:

“The trial court abused its discretion when it denied Solee’s motion to disqualify counsel King for professional misconduct that occurred in the divorce and custody case. King’s misconduct interfered with the administration of justice and the dignity of the court. The court erred by not disqualifying King for entering into a pl agreement with litigant King knew was represented by counsel, prior to the pl agreement being placed on the record at 3:49 pm on 12/22/2020.”

The Appellant requests the Maryland Court of Special Appeals to vacate the provisions within the Honorable Judge Carol A. Coderre’s order dated 4/6/2022 that awarded primary physical custody and joint legal custody with tie breaking authority of S.S. to Robinson, and order primary physical custody and joint legal custody with tie-breaking authority be awarded to Solee.

The Judge earned a law degree from the Boston University School of Law.

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