On Monday, December 18, 2023, the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline reprimanded former Senior Judge Nancy Saitta. The Commission accepted a stipulation with Judge Saitta, in which she admitted violating judicial conduct rules related to timely resolving motions and outstanding matters during her assignment to a complex civil case from February 2021 to September 2022.

According to the stipulation document, Judge Saitta admitted to violating the following Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct:

Canon 1, Rule 1.1 – Requiring the judge to comply with the law, including the Code itself.

Canon 2, Rule 2.5(A) – Requiring the judge to perform judicial and administrative duties competently and diligently.

The case, Albert Thomas v. ME/LGSR Holdings, LLC, was before the Second Judicial District Court and involved breach of contract claims. In January 2021, Chief District Court Judge Scott Freeman issued an order disqualifying all SJDC judicial officers from the case due to conflicts. Judge Saitta was subsequently assigned to the matter as a senior judge.

When Saitta took over the case, there were already six outstanding matters that the previous judge had not resolved. Over the next 19 months, the parties filed 42 requests for submission of pending motions to the court. While Judge Saitta held hearings and status conferences, she failed to timely issue rulings on the numerous motions before her. Court administrators and clerks provided her with lists of pending submissions older than 60 days, yet many issues remained unaddressed.

In the stipulation, Judge Saitta acknowledged violating judicial conduct rules requiring judges to comply with the law and perform duties competently and diligently. She noted some mitigating factors, including the case’s complexity, outstanding matters dating to before her assignment, and her intent to resolve many issues through a punitive damages hearing. However, she agreed the evidence supported a public reprimand.

As a senior judge, Saitta had limited court resources without a law clerk or assistant. But the Commission determined discipline was still warranted given her failure to properly manage the case’s multiple outstanding motions over an extended period. In the stipulation, Saitta consented to a public reprimand and agreed not to seek future appointments as a senior judge in Nevada.

Nancy Saitta is a former Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court, having served over 20 years in various judicial roles before retiring. She continued acting as a senior judge handling complex cases.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.