On Friday, July 5, 2024, Nola.com reported that New Orleans Civil District Court Judge Jennifer Medley is facing another ethics hearing regarding loans she received from Sidney Torres IV during her 2020 judicial campaign. According to the report, records show that in addition to the $100,000 loan Judge Medley received from Torres’ IV Capital LLC company that is already under investigation, Torres also issued a $75,000 loan to Judge Medley’s father, Lloyd Medley Jr., only two days after she won the election.

Lloyd Medley Jr. served as chairman of Judge Medley’s campaign finance committee at the time. However, neither he nor Judge Medley have provided any explanations about the purpose of the loan. Torres’ company stated they are in the business of making loans but declined to provide specifics about the loan to Lloyd Medley due to privacy policies. Judge Medley and her attorney also did not comment on the matter.

At the time of the loan to her father, Judge Medley still had over $72,000 in outstanding campaign debts, over half of which was owed to another Torres company for campaign ads. It remains unclear if the loan to Lloyd Medley was intended to help pay off Judge Medley’s debts or was used for her campaign in some way. Campaign finance reports later showed Judge Medley repaid her debt to Torres.

The existing ethics charges against Judge Medley allege the $100,000 loan from Torres amounted to improper campaign contributions and accusations of misconduct over attack ads run against her opponent in the 2020 election. Land records also indicate Torres’ company filed documents to cancel the loan to Judge Medley after it was repaid in December 2021. However, there is no record yet of the separate loan to Lloyd Medley being canceled.

Legal experts consulted in the report noted that while judicial conduct rules would not directly apply to Lloyd Medley as a private citizen, the loan to him could still raise ethical issues for Judge Medley if the funds ended up being channeled back into her campaign. The new details about the additional loan have not yet been considered as part of the ongoing misconduct case against Judge Medley before the Judiciary Commission.

The commission maintains secrecy regarding open investigations and declined to comment on whether the loan to Lloyd Medley would impact their proceedings against Judge Medley scheduled for September.



Source: Nola.com