On Monday, February 5, 2024, BNN reported that a Bronx family court judge had become embroiled in controversy over her alleged actions on a dating app.

According to the report, Sydney Southerland was currently involved in a custody case being heard by Judge Cynthia Lopez. However, Southerland claimed to have come across Judge Lopez on the swingers dating app 3Fun, which facilitates relationships outside of traditional pairings. The judge allegedly had an active profile describing herself as bisexual and detailing her preferences.

This discovery by the plaintiff in an ongoing case being judged shocked many. Judge Lopez’s actions prompted calls for her recusal from the case. Faced with the allegations, Judge Lopez agreed to step aside from any involvement in Southerland’s custody battle.

However, the story did not end there. Southerland shared details of the encounter on social media, sparking widespread outrage. Many questioned whether Judge Lopez could remain impartial in cases involving parents if she was attempting to form personal relationships with litigants on dating platforms. There were also concerns as to whether any previous rulings by Judge Lopez could be impartial given this new context around her private activities.

The high profile nature of the case led to comments from notable figures like Elon Musk as well. Calls emerged for a full investigation into Judge Lopez’s conduct and the facts around any past cases over which she presided. Some voiced the opinion that her fitness to serve as a judge at all was now in doubt. At the minimum, there were demands for reviews of all previous rulings from her period on the bench since being appointed in 2021.



Source: BNN