On Thursday, June 6, 2024, The Associated Press reported that Mark Grisanti, a New York judge who was seen on video shoving a police officer during an altercation with neighbors in 2020, will no longer serve on the bench.

Grisanti had been serving as an acting State Supreme Court justice in Buffalo on a holdover basis after his term on the Court of Claims expired last year. However, his name was notably absent when Governor Kathy Hochul presented her list of 25 new judicial nominees to the state Senate’s Judiciary Committee last week.

Court spokesman Al Baker confirmed that Grisanti would remain in his current role until a new judge begins his term, but without being formally reappointed, his time on the bench appears to be coming to an end.

Grisanti’s lawyer, Terrence Connors, said the judge had not yet received official notification that he would not be reappointed.

The New York Commission on Judicial Conduct voted in April to censure Grisanti for his actions in the 2020 altercation, finding that he showed extremely poor judgment by shoving a police officer who was attempting to handcuff his wife. The commission also faulted Grisanti for participating in legal cases involving a lawyer who had made payments to him as part of an unrelated business deal, representing a conflict of interest.

Video footage from the 2020 incident showed a shirtless Grisanti getting into an expletive-laced confrontation with officers who responded to a neighbor dispute over parking. Grisanti was seen identifying himself as a judge and telling police that the mayor is a friend and that he has relatives on the police force. No charges were filed against Grisanti related to the altercation.

While Connors argued that Grisanti had an exemplary record as a judge, his omission from the Governor’s list of nominees and inability to receive reappointment suggests his days on the bench have come to an end after nearly a decade of service dating back to his initial appointment in 2015. The reported replacement of Grisanti marks the culmination of consequences he has faced for the highly-publicized 2020 incident with police.



Source: The Associated Press