On Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 7 News reported that the Norfolk Democratic Committee filed ethics charges against Norfolk town justice candidate Derek Stevenson for posting content to his Facebook page that has been described as racist, homophobic, and offensive towards women.

Jason Clark, chair of the Norfolk Democratic Committee, said that he just went through Judge Stevenson’s Facebook page and the offensive posts were there.

Some examples include a post that has a picture of Vice President Kamala Harris, with a caption that says “that face you make when you want to advance your career.” There’s also a post that states “if Trump supporters are the “American Taliban,” when do I get my free equipment?” in which Stevenson says “yes please.”

According to the Committee, Judge Stevenson’s Facebook profile contained what the committee interprets as sexual innuendo and they believe that the judge is touting the January 6th insurrection.

Clark said that:

“There are strict rules in New York State and every state, with respect to judicial conduct, and you know, his statements across the board are flagrant in terms of violating that standard of conduct.”

Another post is about violence to police in New York City, which reads “as with all law enforcement, they run to the sound of gunfire without hesitation. God bless and good hunting, get this criminal off the street.” The Committee believes that Judge Stevenson here is advocating for police to hunt down a human being.

According to Clark, it was because of these posts and others that the committee decided to file ethics charges against Stevenson with the Judicial Conduct Board of the Fourth Judicial District.

Clark added that:

“So I think it’s incumbent upon all of us to look at the charges, to assess the comments that have been made, to assess the posts that have been made and say “Is this someone that I want judging me if I end up in a courtroom?”

7 News reached out to Stevenson for comment and in a statement he said:

“I’m running for town justice because I love the Norfolk community. But once again, we see the politics of personal destruction. Isn’t it time we quit this nonsense? The little town of Norfolk does not need Washington and Albany type politics. I have a lifetime of community service, a record of helping others. I will stand on that.”

Stevenson declined to comment when questioned about the posts themselves since he hasn’t read a copy of the complaint.

Source: 7 News


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