On Friday, August 11, 2023, News9 reported that Oklahoma County Judge Tim Henderson is facing disciplinary action from the Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA) for allegations of sexual misconduct. The OBA filed a complaint against Henderson, stating that his actions violated several rules that judges are expected to follow and constituted professional misconduct. This comes after three female attorneys accused Henderson of sexual misconduct, leading to his resignation in 2021.

Henderson began his tenure as an Oklahoma County judge in 2012, but his career has been marred by controversy. Hundreds of his cases have been called into question, with two overturned so far, including the murder sentence of Robert Hashagen. The OBA is seeking discipline against Henderson, which could include disbarment.

The case will now have a public hearing to determine whether it will be sent to the Oklahoma Supreme Court for punishment. News 9’s Legal Analyst, Irven Box, spoke about the potential consequences for Henderson, stating, “They said what he did was deceitful, dishonest and unfair to the litigants. This is going to be costly to the state. It’s bad for the whole profession to think that a DA and a judge were having a relationship with other litigants before him whose lives were at stake.”

According to the report, the OSBI investigated the claims against Judge Henderson, but no charges were ever filed.

Source: News9