On Monday, January 8, 2024, Tiger Rag reported that Sharon Lewis filed a petition to remove Beau Higginbotham, judge for Section 3, Division C of the Louisiana 19th Judicial District Court, from her lawsuit against Louisiana State University.

Lewis sued LSU for failing to address sexual harassment and bribery allegations against former football coach Les Miles. The petition to remove Higginbotham comes after he recently imposed $199,000 in sanctions against Lewis and her lawyer for including RICO claims in the lawsuit. Together with previous sanctions from a different judge, the total sanctions against Lewis and her attorney are now an unprecedented $529,000.

The lawsuit stems from two federal court rulings and testimony that found Miles sexually harassed and tried to bribe a student into silence. Lewis alleges LSU and Miles’ attorneys at law firm Taylor Porter hid the harassment documents for eight years. Higginbotham replaced the previous Judge Tim Kelley, who retired in 2022 after sanctioning Lewis and her lawyer $337,000.

Lewis’ lawyer, Dennis English, stated that Higginbotham should not only be recused but removed from the bench for his handling of the case. They argue the most recent $199,000 sanction was unjustified given the federal evidence backing Lewis’ allegations against Miles. The petition aims to substitute Higginbotham with a new judge to impartially oversee the lawsuit against LSU.


Source: Tiger Rag