On September 20, 2023, Price County reported that a recent poll conducted by A Better Wisconsin Together, a left-leaning research group, has found that the majority of Wisconsin voters oppose the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz. The poll, which surveyed 600 registered voters, found that 24% of respondents support impeachment, while 46% are opposed.

The poll was released on the same day that Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos announced plans to form a panel to explore grounds for removing the judge. Vos and other Republicans have expressed concern over comments Protasiewicz made during her campaign regarding redistricting, which they claim violated judicial ethics.

However, Mike Browne, Deputy Director of A Better Wisconsin Together, argues that the impeachment proceedings go against the will of voters.

“Wisconsin voters value their votes and they expect that their legislators will respect the results of those votes,” Browne said. “The impeachment proceedings threatening to overturn the election are very definitely in opposition to what a very strong majority of Wisconsin voters feel.”

Browne also noted that the poll was conducted by a national firm and was evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, suggesting that the opposition to impeachment is bipartisan. Additionally, the judicial commission, which oversees court ethics, has already dismissed several complaints brought by state Republicans against Protasiewicz and declared the matter closed.

The poll also found that 46% of Wisconsin voters believe that any effort to remove Protasiewicz is driven by political motivations among Republicans based on the election results. This suggests that voters see the impeachment proceedings as an attempt to overturn the results of the election, which handed a liberal majority to the state Supreme Court.

Overall, the poll suggests that Wisconsin voters value the democratic process and the results of elections, and do not support impeachment proceedings that go against the will of the people. As Browne noted, “The impeachment proceedings are a clear attempt to undermine the will of the voters and the democratic process. It’s time for our elected officials to respect the outcome of the election and work towards finding common ground and solutions that benefit all Wisconsinites.”

On August 30, 2023, it was reported that Liberal groups have already taken legal action, arguing that Republicans are trying to undermine the election of Justice Janet Protasiewicz by demanding her recusal from redistricting lawsuits. Lawyers representing the liberal side in two separate redistricting cases have strongly objected to the Republican-controlled Legislature’s call for Protasiewicz to step aside. They maintain that there is neither a legal nor ethical obligation for Protasiewicz to recuse herself, despite her campaign comments expressing concerns about the “rigged” nature of the current maps and her acceptance of substantial financial support from the Wisconsin Democratic Party.


Source: Price County Review