On Tuesday, July 28, 2022, Angela M. Bradstreet was accused of Judicial Misconduct in Landlord Anne Kihagi’s case filed in the Superior Court of California. The case is styled as ‘Kihagi et al vs Receivership Specialist, Inc. et al’, with case number #228TCV24463.

In the complaint, the Kihagi alleged that:

“Judge Bradstreet read over 20 newsarticles comprising the media’s crucifixion of KIHAGI by gay tenants disgruntled evicted tenants, and exaggerated a legations Nonetheless,Judge Bradstreet did not disqualify herself.”

The complaint continues:

“After the trial and judgment was entered, Plaintiffs discovered that Judge Bradstreet had pioneered legislation where judges who were ever involved with the Boy Scouts of America are obliged to recuse themselves in cases where the litigants are gay (because of the Boy Scouts’ homophobic agenda). Yet, Judge Bradstreet accepted the gay deputy city attorneys’ concerted depiction of KIHAGI as a hater of gay people before the court trial commenced, and she did not recuse herself. After Plaintiffs raised her judicial misconduct to the Court after their properties were unlawfully sold, Judge Bradstreet retired in January 2022.”

The Judge earned a law degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.