On Thursday, May 9, 2024, WREG reported that a Shelby County woman was facing delays in the trial for her family member who had allegedly been raped, due to issues related to changes involving judges in the county’s criminal court system.

Rela Davis told WREG that the trial for Alexander Goodwin, who faced several charges for allegedly raping a family member who is underage, was postponed this week. This was because former County Judge Melissa Boyd was no longer on the bench after pleading guilty to criminal charges last month. Davis had been waiting approximately three years for the trial and expressed frustration about the latest delays caused by the situation with Judge Boyd.

Judge Boyd had previously been removed from her position on the bench. To make matters worse, Davis was uncertain when Goodwin’s case might be heard, due to other changes impacting the local criminal courts. Shelby County had lost two judicial seats, one formerly held by Judge Boyd and another by Judge Mary Wagner, who was appointed to the Tennessee Supreme Court. This resulted in the dissolution of one of the county’s criminal courts.

Davis voiced concerns about having to wait even longer for justice and feeling as though her family’s case had been pushed to the back of the line in another court. She said the long anticipation had caused a lot of anxiety and stress.

Local legislators from both Democratic and Republican parties also weighed in, contending that dissolving judicial seats would exacerbate workload issues for remaining judges. They warned it could jeopardize timely justice for defendants and victims.

Without clarity on when the case might be heard again, Davis understandably told WREG that the situation is terrifying, given the severity of the charges. She remained uncertain about the status of the court proceedings for her family member.



Source: WREG