On Friday, February 23, 2024, abc27 reported that suspended Dauphin County Magisterial District Judge Sonya McKnight had posted bail and been released from prison.

According to the article, McKnight’s bail had been set at $300,000 following her arrest last week on charges of criminal attempt of first-degree murder and aggravated assault. McKnight faced allegations that she shot her ex-boyfriend, 54-year-old Michael McCoy, in the head as he slept at his home in early February.

District Attorney Seán McCormack confirmed to abc27 that McKnight’s bail had been posted on Thursday, leading to her release from the Dauphin County Prison. A hearing date regarding McKnight’s charges had not yet been scheduled.

The charges stem from an incident, in which McKnight allegedly shot McCoy in the face while he was sleeping. McKnight then called dispatch to report that McCoy could not see but offered no explanation for his condition. Investigators discovered that McCoy had recently ended his one-year relationship with McKnight and had tried to get her to leave on multiple occasions.

When police interviewed McCoy, he stated he never considered taking his own life. Meanwhile, police said McKnight was “deceptive” in her interview and tested positive for gunshot residue within an hour of the shooting. McKnight has a previous history as well, having shot and wounded her estranged husband in 2019, though that shooting was ruled self-defense.

As reported earlier by AbusiveDiscretion, McKnight’s lawyer Cory Leshner maintains her innocence on the charges. In a statement, Leshner said McKnight “is innocent of the alleged charges” and “did not shoot Mr. McCoy.” He insisted McKnight looks forward to presenting her full side of the story in court and believes she will be cleared of any wrongdoing once all facts are presented. Leshner has asked the public to remain open-minded about the case until both sides’ evidence can be evaluated in court.

McKnight has been suspended from her position as a Dauphin County magisterial district judge since November due to prior misconduct violations.



Source: abc27