On Thursday, June 27, 2024, KTRE reported that the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals rejected the final appeal of former Angelina County Judge Meydon “Don” Lymbery.

Lymbery had been convicted in June 2023 of violating the Texas Open Meetings Act (TOMA) from an incident in 2021 where he and two county commissioners met privately and allegedly discussed official county business. While Lymbery denied any wrongdoing and claimed their conversation did not involve government affairs, he was found guilty and sentenced to brief jail time, a fine, and probation.

He initially appealed to the Twelfth Court of Criminal Appeals, claiming there was insufficient evidence to support his conviction and corroborate testimony from one of the commissioners also charged. However, that appeal was denied in February 2024 after the court found surveillance footage and additional witness statements backed the original ruling.

Not willing to accept the loss, Lymbery advanced his case to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals – the highest level for criminal matters in the state. But the court also declined to overturn the previous decisions.

With no other options remaining in the appeals process, Lymbery’s conviction will now stand.



Source: KTRE