On Thursday, May 30, 2024, Fox News reported that former President Donald Trump’s attorney Todd Blanche said he did not believe Trump received a fair trial following his conviction in the Manhattan criminal fraud case.

According to Blanche, who spoke to Fox News host Jesse Watters after the verdict, the trial played out exactly as they had anticipated but that Trump was denied a fair trial both due to the judge overseeing the case and the location of the trial in Manhattan. Blanche maintained the defense’s longstanding position that given the political atmosphere in New York City, it would be impossible for Trump to receive impartial treatment from a jury.

Blanche indicated the primary grounds for appeal would be Judge Juan Merchan’s denial of the motion for recusal despite claims of bias, in part due to his daughter’s work for Democratic campaigns. Blanche argued both that actual bias seemed present, and the strong perception of bias that should have prompted the judge’s recusal under ethical standards for a fair trial.

The attorney also stated that in his view, Trump’s constitutional rights were infringed during the proceedings, largely referring to a gag order that had been placed on the former president. Despite the guilty verdict, Blanche said it was an honor to work with Trump for the past 6 weeks, while affirming their legal team’s stance that this case is not over as they prepare to appeal the conviction.

Trump himself reacted to the verdict outside the courthouse, characterizing the trial as “rigged” and a “disgrace” while maintaining his innocence. He vowed to continue fighting for the country and constitution, looking ahead now to the legal appeals process as well as the upcoming midterm elections in November.



Source: Fox News