On Thursday, June 6, 2024, The Hill reported that former White House attorney Ty Cobb had criticized the federal judge presiding over the classified documents case involving former President Donald Trump.

Cobb took issue with several decisions made by Judge Aileen Cannon of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Most recently, Judge Cannon had denied a request from special counsel Jack Smith to impose a gag order on Trump to limit his public statements about the ongoing legal matter.

Smith’s team argued that a gag order was necessary after Trump made misleading claims that law enforcement had the power to assassinate him. They were concerned this type of rhetoric could endanger law enforcement officers involved in the case who may testify at a future trial.

While Judge Cannon did not believe Smith’s team had sufficiently conferred with Trump’s lawyers before filing the gag order request, Cobb disagreed. In an interview with CNN, Cobb said conferring with the other side only requires discussing the issue, which Smith’s filing indicated had been done.

Cobb was sharply critical of Judge Cannon, describing her rejection of the gag order as “ludicrous”, “ridiculous”, and “dangerous.” He accused the judge of showing “palpable bias” in her handling of pre-trial matters.

In addition, Judge Cannon had suddenly changed the scheduling in the case by setting a June 21 hearing to consider Trump’s motion to dismiss the case. Trump argues that Special Counsel Smith’s appointment was illegal.

Cobb alleged that Judge Cannon was intentionally delaying and kicking issues down the road as a way to push the trial further past the upcoming 2024 elections. He joined other legal observers in concluding the judge seems to be favoring Trump’s side in her rulings and management of the pre-trial phase of the case.

The back-and-forth over the presiding judge’s impartiality comes as the high-profile prosecution of Trump moves forward. He is facing multiple charges related to the recovery of classified White House documents from his Mar-a-Lago estate after leaving office.



Source: The Hill