The Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct disclosed this week that a complaint, with case number #22-077, against a superior court commissioner, has been dismissed.

The order reads:

“The Complainant alleged a superior court commissioner improperly granted an order of protection against him and refused to consider police reports as evidence.”

The order continues:

“The Commission does not have jurisdiction to overturn, amend, or remand a judicial officer’s legal rulings. The Commission reviewed all relevant available information and concluded there was no clear and convincing evidence of ethical misconduct in this matter. The complaint is therefore dismissed pursuant to Commission Rules 16(a) and 23(a).”

According to the rules of the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct:

After reviewing a complaint, the report of the executive director or disciplinary counsel, or the recommendation of an investigative panel relating to disciplinary remedies or informal sanctions, the commission may dismiss the complaint, order further investigation, or take any other disciplinary action consistent with these rules.

A copy of the original filing can be found here.